Electric Vehicles are accelerating the growth of Autonomous Vehicles

electric car Aug 31, 2021

Hello people. This article discusses how electric vehicles are accelerating the growth of autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars can solve several problems like traffic delays, traffic collisions caused by driver error and also come in handy during emergency transportation.

Google's Self Driving Electric Car

What are the levels in a Self-Driving Car?

There are levels in a self driving car depending on the amount of control that the automated system has on the vehicle. They are as follows:

Level 0

The automated system has no control over the vehicle. But may alert the driver of hazards

Level 1

In this case, the driver and the automated system share control of the vehicle.

Level 2

In level2, automated system is capable of taking full control of the vehicle. But the driver must be ready to intervene if the system fails to identify a potential hazard.

Level 3

Passenger can safely take their attention away from driving. The Automated system takes full control of the vehicle. However they must still be able to intervene.

Level 4

This functionality is currently limited to specific geofenced areas. Driver can safely divert his attention away from driving and let the automated system take full control.

Level 5

In level 5 no human intervention is required.

How Do Driverless Cars Work?

Self-driving vehicles are equipped with a wide range of technologies like radar, cameras, ultrasound and radio antennas to navigate safely on roads.

Tesla’s Auto Pilot uses eight cameras to provide 360-degree visibility, twelve ultrasonic sensors and a front-facing radar work to analyze the vehicle’s surroundings for potential hazards.

Tesla Self Driving Electric Car

Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

Benefits of self-driving cars are reduction in traffic fatalities, traffic collisions, and traffic congestion. Driverless cars would be very useful in industries like shipping, public transportation, and emergency transportation.

How do electric vehicles accelerate the growth of self driving vehicles?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are strongly accelerating the growth of autonomous vehicles because it is easier to implement autonomous features on EVs. Technology driven early adopters want both innovations in the same car. More efficient self-driving extends range, which is a major issue in EVs.

Electric cars are easier for computers to drive. EVs are built with drive-by-wire systems that replace traditional mechanical control systems with electronic controls and these systems create a more compatible and flexible platform for autonomous driving technologies.

Fast pace developments in battery technology, increase in range, increase in reliability of electric vehicles, will accelerate the speed at which autonomous vehicles are able to be developed.

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