AWS Glue with Internet of Things (IOT) Data

AWS Jan 1, 2022

Hello People. This article discusses about using AWS Glue with Internet of Things (IOT) Data. AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service. It involves extracting data from various sources; enriching, cleaning, normalizing, and combining data; and loading and organizing data in databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

As a pre-requisite, you need to have an AWS account with administrative access. After that create IAM Roles for IoT and Glue. AWS uses role based authorization between the services. You will have to create two roles which can be used by AWS Glue and AWS IoT Core to call other AWS services to implement the scenario.

Now create Kinesis Data Stream. You can create an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream which will be used to ingest data from IoT Device. Further Amazon Glue ETL job will read data from the Kinesis Data Stream and persist to the Amazon S3 bucket after transformation.

Then create an Amazon S3 bucket. You can use this as destination for the Glue ETL job. The bucket will also have a folder script which will keep the generated script of the ETL job.

After that, register the Device. You need to register an IoT device in order to publish the messages to the Kinesis Data Stream.

AWS Glue with Internet of Things (IOT) Data

Now you need to create an AWS IoT Rule. This will route the device messages to Kinesis Data Stream. AWS IoT uses publish-subscribe mechanism for the communication. The messages from the device are sent to a topic. The rule will read messages published at the topic and save it to the Kinesis data stream.

Then Create Database and Table. For the ETL side of configuration, you need to start with database creation. The database will have the catalog table which represents the data inside Kinesis data stream. Then we write Glue ETL job which takes data from the catalog and write to the S3 bucket after transformation.

After that create a Glue ETL Job. You create AWS Glue ETL job which reads data from the Kinesis data stream (using the Glue Catalog table) and writes to the S3 bucket after the transformation.

Now you can publish data from the device. You can use MQTT client as part of IoT Core to simulate the publishing of the data into the Kinesis data stream using AWS IoT Core.

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