Things to consider while buying an electric car

electric car Sep 13, 2021

Hello people. This article discusses about things to consider while buying an electric car. India is witnessing increasing regulatory focus on electric vehicles, increase in charging infrastructure, etc. There is an intense push for electric vehicles due to environmental concerns.

If you are in the market for an electric car, check out this guide to see the factors you need to consider before purchasing.

Electric Car


Range is an important factor while buying an electric car. Normally an electric car should deliver a driving range of over 100km, which is sufficient for daily commute. High-end electric cars even offer a driving range of over 400km.

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Ok. Let's get back to the article.

Charging Time

Charging time is an important factor. Instead of relying on the manufacturer-specified figures, always check for real-life review to determine the exact riding charging time of an electric car. An EV comes with charging options such as standard charging and fast-charging. A fast-charger is expensive, but it can charge the battery within a few hours. Normal charging stations can be installed at your home, but it will take much more time to fully charge the battery.


Always consider checking the top speed of the electric car and the performance figures before deciding to buy one. An electric car is on par with IC engine car when it comes to acceleration. Due to the instant torque generated by the electric motors, an EV can accelerate very quickly. The acceleration depends on the number of electric motors and the power generated.

Battery Life

Battery is one of the most expensive components of an electric car. So, always check the battery life. Replacing the battery pack of a car can be an expensive. Lithium-ion battery packs offer better life when compared to lead batteries or nickel batteries.


There is a wide range of electric motors with different power outputs.  Choose an electric car with the right amount of power output required for your usage.  Always go through the specifications of the electric car before making the purchase.

Charging Stations

The home-charging station provided by the manufacturer is not enough. Public charging stations are crucial. Make sure that the electric car brand has a good network of public charging stations so that you can charge your electric car on the road.


Replacing the battery pack of an electric car is very expensive. Always check the warranty provided on the battery and the motor before purchasing an electric car. Electric car manufacturers provide some years of warranty on the battery pack.

Electric or Hybrid

You can choose buying a fully electric car or a hybrid car. A hybrid car produces fewer emissions than a conventional car. A hybrid car makes use of a combination of internal combustion (IC) engine and electric motor to run efficiently. The electric motors draw power from the battery packs, which are charged by regenerative braking or by the IC engine. However fully electric cars are more eco-friendly.

Incentives and Tax Benefits

The Central government and the state governments offer incentives on the purchase of EVs. You can also get tax benefits while purchasing electric cars as the sales tax (GST) on EVs are lower when compared to petrol/diesel vehicles. So, check the available incentives and tax benefits before buying.

Registration Cost

Government of India has now taken yet another measure to encourage citizens to go green in the electric way.  Electric vehicle buyers will no longer have to pay fees for the issuance or renewal of the registration certificate of their electric vehicle.

Insurance Cost

Electric car insurance is affordable when compared to conventional four-wheeler insurance. You can consider buying a comprehensive insurance plan as it provides extensive coverage benefits.

Energy Consumption

Consider the amount of electricity consumed by an EV to determine the efficiency of the electric vehicle when compared to a conventional car. The energy consumption also determines the running cost of an electric vehicle. Electric cars have very low running cost when compared to IC engine vehicles.

After-Sales Support

Carefully research on the after-sales service and support offered by the company. Electric vehicles consist of complex electronic devices. You have to rely on the authorised service centres if anything goes wrong with an electric car. So, good after-sales support after you own an electric car is very important.

Always choose an electric car brand which has a good network of sales and service centres. Battery-powered cars are equipped with complex electric powertrains. Local mechanic may not be able to repair if something goes wrong with your car.

You have to depend on authorised service centres for any kind of repair or regular service. Keep this point in mind before choosing an electric car brand.

Hope this article on things to consider while buying an electric car is useful to you. To check the list top electric cars in India, please visit Top Electric Cars in India