Electric vehicle charging for Apartments

Electric vehicle charging for Apartments

Apartments Jul 5, 2022

Hello People. This article contains information about Electric vehicle charging for Apartments. EV charging plays the most important role in successful running of electric vehicles.

To setup charging stations in apartments, a Class A electrical contractor has to assess the load requirement. Based on the load reqquirement, the apartment association has to submit a letter to the area electricity power distribution office seeking approval for a new LT6 connection to set up the charging station.

Following is list of electric vehicle charging station vendors and the type of charging types they offer.

Ather Energy Pvt Ltd

Ather offers 3.3 kWh AC LEV chargerand 3.3 kWh AC Ather DOT charger.

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd

Ola offers 3.3 AC LEV charger

Tata Power Company Ltd

Tata offers Delta/Exicom 7.4 kW AC charger, only for cars and 3.3 kW AC charger and 25 kW DC charger.

Electric vehicle charging for Apartments

Kazam EV Tech Pvt Ltd

Kazam offers MINI 3.3 kW and Kazam 3.3 kW chargers.

Ujoy Technology Pvt Ltd – RevOS

RevOS offers AC 3.3 kW, AC 7 kW, AC 25 kW, DC 50 kW chargers.

Magenta EV Solutions

Magenta offers 3.3 kW AC – two-wheeler single socket and 7.4 kW AC – four-wheeler chargers.

Amplify Cleantech Solutions Pvt Ltd – EVRE

Amplify offers Bolt 3.3 kW AC, 7.4 kW AC, 7 kW – 22 kW AC and Type 2 chargers.

EV Motors India Pvt Ltd – PlugNGo

PlugNgo offers EVM Hybrid AC charger, Type 2 charger kW and AC001 charger – 3.3 kW.

Elektropod Technologies Pvt Ltd

Elektropod Technologies offers Two-wheeler and four-wheeler model (3.3kW) chargers.

SunAP Ecopower

SunAP Ecopower offers wall-mounted, single phase charger, three phase charger – four-wheeler, single and dual chargers, 22 kW, three phase with Type 2 sockets or cord, suitable for all cars single or dual charging parallel, dynamic chargers.

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