Electric Vehicle Conversion

Electric Vehicle Conversion Aug 15, 2021

Hello people. This article is about electric vehicle conversion.

What does it mean?

Electric vehicle conversion is the process of replacement of a vehicle's fuel based engine and connected components with an electric motor and batteries, to create an all-electric vehicle. A second option is to replace a large engine with an electric motor and a small engine thus creating a hybrid electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

The general trend appears to be that ground vehicles will go electric, and automotive manufacturers have responded to public demand by producing both hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles which get similar or better mileage by mpg equivalent efficiency rating.

On-board solar cells can be used to power an electric vehicle. The small power generated by solar cells mounted on a vehicle means that the other components in the system must be special to compensate for this.

Most conversions are performed by experts who typically will convert a well used vehicle with a non-functioning engine. Some experts may prefer to convert a later model vehicle, or a vehicle of a particular type. In some cases, the vehicle itself may be built by the converter, or assembled.

The electric vehicle conversion industry has grown to include conversion car garages, aftermarket kits and vehicle components.

An electric bicycle is a conventional bicycle that has been fitted with an electric motor. Most often electric bicycles or "e-bikes" are powered by rechargeable batteries however some experimental electric bicycles run directly on or recharge their batteries via solar panels, fuel cells, gas generators or other alternative energy sources. Using an on-board generator may impact the legal jurisdictional definition of an electric bicycle. A few types of electric bicycles are able to re-capture a small amount of energy from braking and can re-charge the batteries while braking or traveling down hills which is called regenerative braking.

Some electric bikes have features where the motor can move the bicycle by itself which means immediate start if the rider chooses not to pedal with a button or throttle controller, while others require the rider to pedal at all times which is called pedal assist. This latter type may in some jurisdictions allow the vehicle to be used on bicycle trails that otherwise prohibit motorized vehicles of any kind.

Converting one's bike to electric with a conversion kit is an affordable solution for most people interested in learning more about electric vehicle conversion.

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