What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management and why is it important?

Fleet management Nov 11, 2021

Hello People. This article discusses about What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management and why is it important. Suppose a company has fleet of electric cars and the employees of that company drive a mix of electric cars from different brands. If the company wanted a way to accurately track and manage their electric fleet, including detailed reporting down to cost center level in order to monitor the charging cost per car/employee, electric vehicle fleet management software comes in handy.

Amazon has committed an initial order of 100,000 Rivian vans for its delivery fleet. In this case, fleet managers must find ways to maximize efficiencies across their entire operation. By implementing an electric vehicle fleet management software, they can monitor their electric vehicles from a single dashboard & optimize maintenance cost by using real time analysis.

What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management and why is it important?

EV Fleet management software offers a full-service fleet reporting and management solution that provids detailed data needed to report on billing and reimbursement. Each employee driving an electric car has a price package for charging. When changes occur in the fleet, the company passes on the information about the fleet, car, or EV driver to the operations team where changes are made. At any given moment, the company can use the features of the EV charging platform to take full control themselves.

A company that uses EV fleet management software can review EV energy usage. This helps answer questions such as the typical electric range and the performance of fleet EVs compared to fuel vehicles. This report provides insight into battery use specifically.

A complete charging history of the company's EVs can be analysed like when and where the vehicles are charging, the length of time the vehicles were charging at a specific location, and how much of a charge they received. Companies can use this report to get deeper insights into why EVs are at their current percent charge.

Monitoring the performance of the vehicles in your fleet is essential for maximizing efficiency and profitability. Traditional fleet management techniques, such as tracking utilization or downtime, as well as driver safety trends, will still apply similarly to your electric vehicles. Some other techniques, like route optimization, are even more important to ensure your EVs have enough range to complete their tasks.

One of the most important data points to keep an eye on is your EV’s state of charge (SOC). An EV’s SOC is in some ways no different than a traditional fuel indicator – it shows how “full” the battery is. Since charging takes longer to “fill up the tank” and there aren’t chargers on every street corner, it is more important to keep an eye on this metric.

State of charge can be monitored in real-time during operation in order to ensure the EV will not run out of energy before reaching its charging destination. It can also be used to track EVs that are charging, allowing you to see how long until the vehicle is ready to go.

Fleet managers can use this data to create alerts and notifications to:

  • Flag when an EV is running low
  • Confirm that charging is complete
  • Remind the driver or management team if the vehicle wasn’t plugged in at the end of a shift

To better understand these nuances, fleet operators should review the charging history logs regularly to gain actionable insights.

These data-rich logs will include information such as:

  • When and where each individual EV is charging
  • The full charging duration
  • Starting and ending SOC

All of this data will allow you to create and optimize a charging schedule. Reviewing this data will be critical as you continue to add more EVs to your fleet. It can help you better assess the total amount of charging infrastructure you require and avoid any unnecessary demand charges from using too much power at once.

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