IOT project using ESP8266 Web Server

IOT project using ESP8266 Web Server

Arduino Jan 17, 2022

Hello People. This article discusses about an idea of a IOT project using ESP8266 Web Server. A web server is basically a device that runs websites. It is a program or a bunch of code that distributes web pages. The basic objective of the Web Server is to store, process, and deliver web pages to the users. This is done using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) intercommunication.

Let us talk about an idea where we can control 4 home appliances connected to Relay using Local Web Server. The Wifi Module NodeMCU ESP8266 will Receive commands from the Web Page.

Following are the components useful for this project.

1.NodeMCU - ESP8266-12E Board-1 piece

2. Relay-5V Relay-4 pieces

3. Voltage Regulator IC -  LM7805 5V IC - 1 piece

4. Female DC Power Jack - DCJ0202 - 1 piece

5. Diode - 1N4007 - 4 pieces

6. Resistor - 330ohm - 5 pieces

7. NPN Transistor - BC547 - 4 pieces

8. Terminal Block - 5mm - 4 pieces

9. LED - 5mm LED Any Color - 1 piece

10. Female Header - 2.54mm Female Header - 2 Set

IOT project using ESP8266 Web Server

The circuit diagram for Web Server Controlled IOT project using ESP8266 is given above. You can get the source code of such projects from Github. After the code is uploaded, NodeMCU Board will try connecting to the Network using the given SSID & Password.

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Ok. Let's get back to the article.

After getting connected to the network, the Serial Monitor will display the Local IP Address. Now you can copy the IP Address and paste it to the web Browser. The Web Browser will display the webpage. Now you can send 1 or 0 to turn ON & OFF the home appliances. The ON command is assigned to certain GPIO Pin as 1 & OFF command as 0.

If your NodeMCU ESP8266 Board is connected to your PC, the Serial Monitor will display a connection message.

Hope this article on IOT project using ESP8266 Web Server is useful to you. Please read about How to build firmware architecture for an IOT device