Lithium ion battery pack assembling business in India

lithium ion battery pack Nov 8, 2021

Hello People. This article is about Lithium ion battery pack assembling business in India. One can start assembly of electric vehicle lithium ion batteries with an investment of around 20 to 25 Lac Rs.

Lithium-Ion Batteries are getting popular not just in electric vehicles but also in various applications like power tools and consumer electronics. Lithium Ion Batteries comprise almost 40% of the cost of an electric vehicle. This cost is very crucial to understand as this cost structure can single-handedly decide the future of electric vehicles and thus, the possibility of a greener Earth.

The Li-ion battery business opportunity can be though of as four segments namely extraction and production of raw materials, cell component (electrodes) manufacturing, cell assembly into battery pack and fourth one being recycling.

Lithium ion battery pack assembling business in India

Battery is the heart of an electric vehicle. It provides electricity to drive the vehicle. An electric vehicle battery is often composed of many hundreds of small, individual Lithium ion cells arranged in a series/parallel configuration to achieve the desired voltage and capacity in the final pack.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Assembling involves the following steps

Series Parallel arrangement of Li-Ion cells
Establishing electrical connections                                                                         Spot welding of Li-Ion Cells                                                                                   Connecting a battery management system module
Processing of battery modules to battery packs
Testing of the packs

Spot welding of Lithium Ion Cells

The demand for high energy battery packs is growing in sectors such as transportation. Along with it is the need for reliable, efficient and cost-effective ways to electrically connect the batteries to ensure their performance. Battery cells are most often put into modules or packs when produced for electrically driven vehicles.

The variable of greatest influence when welding battery packs is the contact resistance between the cell and the connection tab. It is crucial to minimize this variable as much as possible to prevent energy loss in the form of heat generation. Different welding techniques are used for welding lithium ion cells together. The most used welding techniques are resistance spot welding, laser beam welding and ultrasonic welding. The performance of these three techniques depend on numerous factors such as production cost, degree of automation and weld quality.

All three methods are proven to function in the production of battery applications. Each method has separate strengths and limitations which makes them complement each other. Thus, it is important to look at several factors when deciding which welding technique is the most suitable for the desired application. The scale of production, economical aspects as well as battery cell geometry are the most important in making this decision.

Spot Welding of Lithium Ion Cells

What is Battery Management System (BMS)?

Li-ion-based battery packs include advanced battery management systems to ensure their proper use and safety.

BMS connected to battery pack

BMS does the following functions

  • Read the total voltage
  • Read the current from/to the battery
  • Read the temperature
  • Determine the total charge
  • Determine the battery health (by comparing the current capacity against the original capacity)
  • Correctly manage regenerative breaking to recharge the batteries
  • Detect over current situations
  • Detect over-voltage situations
  • Detect under-voltage situations
  • Detect over-temperature situations
  • Detect over-pressure (this is important if the battery starts producing hydrogen)

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