Node Red with AWS IOT

Node red Jan 5, 2022

Hello People. This article discusses about Node Red with AWS IOT. Node-RED is a visual programming tool which makes it easy to build and configure IoT devices. This programming tool is based on Node.js. It allows you to write functions in JavaScript.

This opensource technology Node Red is backed by IBM.  Node Red makes it extremely simple to set up IoT systems.

There is a multitude of Node types ranging from basic input Nodes to advanced Nodes that monitor changes in file systems. As a result, one can simply drag and drop these nodes to build an IoT system.

Some of the most common nodes are shown in the picture below.

Node Red with AWS IOT


AWS IoT is the IoT service provided by AWS.  The reason why AWS IoT is greatly preferred is because any traffic that can be received by your IoT device can be routed to another AWS resource depending on the IoT rules created.

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Ok. Let's get back to the article.

Some Features of AWS IoT Core are


AWS IoT Core makes sure that all communications are completely secure. Data never exchanges between devices and AWS IoT Core without authentication.

MQTT protocol

IoT devices & AWS IoT core communicate over MQTT. It is an extremely lightweight messaging protocol for machine to machine connectivity.


Jobs a set of remote operations that are sent to and executed on devices connected to AWS IoT. Using IoT jobs, we can send files to the end devices, update device firmware version using over the air(OTA) updates. To create a job, we need to create a job document first. The job document is a JSON document that defines what remote operation needs to be performed by the remote device.

Device Shadow:

AWS IoT allows web or mobile or any other clients to communicate with the IoT Devices even when they are offline. It does that by creating a shadow of devices on cloud & which always keeps the latest state of the device. It stores all this information in the form of a JSON document.

Rules & Actions:

We can have multiple devices keep sending data on AWS IoT. They might not all be relevant for our purpose. To filter only the required data, AWS IoT allows us to create rules.

Using rules, we can filter data & can take action on them as per our requirement. Actions can be anything from calling a lambda function, storing to S3, or storing to dynamo DB or Sending an SNS notification, etc.

The AWS console allows you to create your Lambda function as you go about creating the AWS IoT rule to route incoming messages from your Node-Red MQTT broker to the AWS Lambda function.

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