Vehicle Tracking System in electric vehicles

electricbikes Oct 19, 2021

Hello People. This article is about Vehicle-Tracking System in electric vehicles. Owners need to protect their electric vehicles from thefts. EVs are an attractive target because of their high value. Thieves avoid the Tesla Model S because most of them know that the Model S has built-in GPS tracking.

But what if tracking devices are not included with the EV? In that case, installing a GPS tracker is the best option. EV owners also need to prevent battery drain. Batteries should be kept away from hot temperatures. EV batteries are damaged by overly hot temperatures. Stop charging the battery once it’s full. Battery damage can occur by overloading the battery with voltage. GPS tracking is a great way to implement these tips.

Vehicle-Tracking System in electric vehicles

If your vehicle is stolen and you don’t have a tracker, the police have no way of tracking that vehicle and must wait for either a license plate alert or a lead from the public.

With a vehicle tracker system, you have a much higher chance of getting your vehicle back without damage or tampering in record time, negating the need for insurers to get involved and saving you a costly insurance excess.

How do vehicle trackers work?

A car tracker monitors the coordinates of your vehicle via satellite, in order to recover your vehicle in the event of theft. Most car trackers use GPS tracking technology to track vehicles, however, the superior tracking technology is VHF.

VHF vehicle tracking technology is able to track vehicles even if they are underground, in a garage, or in a container, meaning your vehicle can be much more closely monitored at all times. GPS technology can be easily jammed by criminals so choosing a tracker with anti-jamming technology is important to finding the best tracker for you.

Can a car tracker drain your electric vehicle battery?

Some consumers are concerned that vehicle trackers drain their car/bike batteries. A vehicle tracker actually uses very little energy and so is highly unlikely to affect your vehicle's battery. In the case of electric vehicles, the vehicle is either charged routinely or charges as it drives. So if anyone looking to buy a new electric vehicle is worried about the impact of a tracker on their battery, this is not likely to ever be a problem.

Security tips for electric cars

Following good security habits is crucial when you're using an electric vehicle. On top of installing your car with a tracker, it's important to take other measures to minimise your risk of becoming a victim of car theft.

  • Always park your EV in a safe spot and ideally in a garage overnight
  • Double-check that doors are locked and windows are closed
  • Turn off electrical charging ports when they are not in use
  • Contact an auto locksmith immediately if you lose your keys
  • Install a steering wheel lock
  • Keep your key fob inside a faraday bag to prevent a relay attack

Hope this article on Vehicle-Tracking System in electric vehicles is useful to you. To read about jobs in the Electric Vehicle Industry, please visit Job opportunities in Electric Vehicle Sector and its Charging Infrastructure industry


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