BMW’s i Vision Circular concept car aims to use 100% recycled materials

bmw Sep 8, 2021

Hello people. This article discusses about how BMW's i Vision Circular concept car aims to use 100% recycled materials. The BMW i Vision Circular is the company's new concept car. The compnay revealed this at IAA Mobility, Germany. The company says that electric vehicle will be promoting a sustainable mobility with this model .

"Circular" refers to the car's lifecycle, which aims to use entirely recycled materials resulting in a vehicle that is entirely recyclable too. Currently, BMW says that across its brands which includes Mini and Rolls-Royce, it's already at 30 percent recycled and reused materials.

BMW i Vision Circular

As per the company, the BMW i Vision Circular illustrates sustainable mobility. It symbolises their ambition to be a pioneering force in the development of a circular economy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It is based on the three principles of the circular economy - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The I Vision Circular eliminated the idea of painted bodywork. The car's panels are made from recycled aluminum that's been anodized. The bumpers are made from recycled plastic.

It has a digital surface that also function as the headlights, and the car's badges and logos are engraved or lasered rather than being physical pieces of trim that have to be attached.

BMW had to rethink their way to make a car that can be easily recycled.  It uses connectors like press studs and quick-release fasteners for things like the seats and instrument panels instead of bonding components together.

BMW has a steering wheel which is 3D printed. One can interact with the car's systems via a 3D printed crystal structure on the dash or via more traditional controls on the steering wheel.

There isn't even a main instrument display in front of the driver. Rather the i Vision Circular projects its display onto the windshield. Using recyclable materials for vehicle manufacturing is finding increasing support from various automakers.

As the auto industry is aiming for sustainable mobility, recyclability is growing across the industry. BMW took the IAA 2021 to showcase its i-vision Circular concept that is claimed to be a 100% recyclable vehicle and has been designed, developed and manufactured on the circular economy.

It appears to be a compact city hatchback with an all-electric powertrain. BMW claims that this car has been imagined for 2040. It also claims that the car has been made using 100% recycled materials and powered by a recyclable electric battery as well.

The circularity is even introduced to the development and manufacturing of this four-metre-long, four-seater car. The car comes with an unpainted body that uses light gold anodized aluminium, which turns into a bluish-purple colour at the rear through heat-treated steel.

The bumper of the car gets a crafted and chunky appearance. The artwork on the grille and headlights influence the i-vision Circular's wheel and window designs. The side profiles get a fluid look, sans any door handles and perfectly blending into the greenhouse areas.

It has a wide and thick LED strip that runs through the width of the car and acts as a taillight. The roof appears sloping towards the front profile. A small and smooth overhang at the front neatly blends into the windshield.

The roof and windows are completely transparent and deliver a sportscar-like cockpit vibe. The cabin certainly comes with a spacious feel thanks to this design.

The cabin comes with a minimal design. There are crystals used as if jewellery or art but function as controls and lighting. They have been made from 3D-printed recyclable plastic and then injected with a low-tech light source. The steering wheel looks like that of a sportscar.

Instead of conventional seats, the seats have used carpet that can be recycled and reused.  It has been designed in a way to extend the car's life cycle.

The automaker has not revealed powertrain details. Expect it to get dual motors each powering one axle and there would be autonomous driving technology as well.

Hope this article on how BMW's i vision circular concept car aims to use 100% recycled materials is useful to you. To read about BMW's electric cycles, please visit BMW Vision AMBY & BMW i Vision AMBY


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