Javascript Libraries for IOT projects

Javascript Libraries for IOT projects

Arduino Jan 30, 2022

Hello People. This article discusses about Javascript Libraries for IOT projects. As you already know, JavaScript is one of the most used languages by developers. In this article, let us see some JavaScript libraries which can be used in your Internet of Things (IoT) project.


NodeRed is a flow-based programming tool Built on Node.js. It is originally developed by IBM’s Emerging Technology Services team and now it is a part of the JS Foundation. The framework consists of a Node.js based runtime which allows pointing web browsers to access the flow editor.


Cylon is a Javascript framework with support for over 43 platforms for robotics, physical computing and internet of things.  Cylon can run directly in the browser (through browserify) or any Chrome-connected app, and support http/https, mqtt and plugins.

Javascript Libraries for IOT projects


Node-mcu is a simple IoT platform for hardware prototyping. It includes firmware and development boards to develop IoT applications that lets you write network applications using Node syntax. Its programming model is similar to Node.js, but is actually based on Lua. It comes with an easy to program wireless node and/or access point with asynchronous event-driven programming model and more than 65 built-in modules.

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IOT.JS is Samsung’s Javascript framework for the internet of things. This library aims to provide inter-operable service platform in the world of IoT, based on web technology, while running in resource constrained devices. It is very actively maintained with over 1500 stars and 50 contributors.


IoT-Nodejs is an IBM Watson IoT Platform which is written in Javascript. This platform basically contains the client libraries and samples for connecting to IBM Watson IoT using Nodejs.  The client library of IoT-Nodejs is divided into three parts, Device, Managed Device and Application.

Johnny Five

Johnny Five is one of the oldest platforms for robotics and IoT available for JavaScript developers. It was originally released in 2012. If you know you’re interacting with Arduino-based hardware, then this is most likely the library you need. They have a very extensible plug-in system where many other platforms have already developed their own IO plugins. Their documentation is detailed, filled with examples and diagrams focusing on the hardware connections as well.

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