Types of Arduino boards

Types of Arduino boards

Arduino Feb 5, 2022

Hello People. This article gives you an idea about types of Arduino boards. As you guys alraedy know, Arduino is an open-source platform. It is used to make electronics projects.

Arduino consists of both a microcontroller and a part of the software or Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs on your PC. It is used to write & upload computer code to the physical board.

Arduino boards can be connected to different modules such as obstacle sensors, presence detectors, fire sensors, GSM Modules GPS modules, etc. The main function of the Arduino board is to control electronics through reading inputs & changing it into outputs because this board works like a tool.

Types Of Arduino Boards

There are different types of Arduino boards such as

  • Arduino Uno (R3)
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Micro
  • Arduino Due
  • LilyPad Arduino Board
  • Arduino Bluetooth
  • Arduino Diecimila
  • RedBoard Arduino Board
  • Arduino Mega (R3) Board
  • Arduino Leonardo Board
  • Arduino Robot
  • Arduino Esplora
  • Arduino Pro Mic
  • Arduino Ethernet
  • Arduino Zero
  • Fastest Arduino Board
Types of Arduino boards

Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO board is considered as new compared to other Arduino boards. It uses the Atmega16U2 microcontroller that helps to increase the transfer rate and contain large memory compared to other boards. No extra devices are needed for the Arduino UNO board like joystick, mouse, keyboard . The Arduino UNO contain SCL and SDA pins and also have two additional pins fit near to RESET pin.

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Ok. Let's get back to the article.

The board contains 14 digital input pins and output pins in which 6 pins are used as PWM, 6 pins as analog inputs, USB connection, reset button and one power jack. The Arduino UNO contains flash memory of size 32 KB that is used to the data in it.

LilyPad Arduino

The LilyPad Arduino is designed for integrating with wearable projects and e-textile projects. This board comes in round shape. This board uses the Atmega328 microcontroller and Arduino bootloader in it. This board uses very less external component in it that makes the design easy and compatible. This board requires 2 volt to 5 volt power supply.

Arduino Mega

Arduino Mega  uses the Atmega2560 in it. There are total 54 input pins and output pins in it in which 14 pins are of PWM output, 4 pins are of hardware port, 16 pins as analog inputs. The board also contain one USB connection, ICSP header, power jack and one REST pin. As the board has large number of pins fitted in it that make the board suitable for projects that requires more number of pins in it.

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo is considered as cheapest Arduino boards compare to other Arduino products.There are total 20 digital input pins and output pins in it, in that 7 pins are used As PWM and 12 pins used as analog inputs. The board also contain one micro USB connection, power jack, and one RESET button fit in it. There are additional pins which act as crystal oscillator of frequency 16 MHz.

Arduino Red Board

The Arduino Red board is another type of Arduino board that uses the mini USB cable for getting programmed and the Arduino IDE is used for this purpose. This board is compatible with Windows 8 operating system and there is no need to change the security settings to make this board working. Red board uses FTDI chip and USB chip for the connection to other device.

Arduino Shields

The Arduino shields are considered as pre-build circuit boards that are used to connect other Arduino boards. These are placed on top of Arduino boards and enhance the capability of board to get connected to internet network, controlling of motor, controlling of LCD and also help to establish wireless communication. There are different type of shields available namely Wireless Shields, Ethernet Shield, Proto Shield and GSM shield.

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