About IBM Watson Assistant service

About IBM Watson Assistant service

Arduino Feb 8, 2022

Hello People. This article is about IBM Watson Assistant service. IBM Watson Assistant is a white label cloud service. It uses artificial intelligence to understand customers. It allows enterprise-level software developers to embed an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant (VA) in the software they are developing. The service, which gives consumers access to Watson AI , is delivered through the IBM Cloud.

The process works like this. The business application sends user input to the Watson Assistant service, which can interact with the back-end systems of the business. Watson can create cognitive profiles for each end user’s behaviors and preferences and initiate conversations to make recommendations. IBM also provides developers with a catalog of already configured customer service and industry content packs for automotive and hospitality vertical industries. Developers can also modify Watson Assistant's responses to create an artificial personality that reflects the brand's demographics.

About IBM Watson Assistant service

We can make requests to third-party services via Watson Asisstant's Webhooks. Webhooks are the simplest way to communicate with an external service in Watson Assistant. There seems to be certain limitations like for example only POST requests are supported, only JSON is supported in the body of the request, only Basic authentication is supported, you can't transform the response, only read it.

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Alternately, if you you want to have more control over your API calls, IBM's solution is IBM Cloud Functions. Cloud Functions have a lot more flexibility. But this service exists outside of the scope of IBM Watson Assistant. It has it's own rate limiting and pricing. And there's no free tier.

Watson Assistant is free to get started.  But you will end up being forced to choose between subscribing to the Plus plan or switching to another platform. There are other limitations to the Lite plan, too. You'll get 10,000 messages a month from your Assistant, across up to 1000 users. Even with 100 users, that averages out at 4 messages per user, per day.

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