Visual Recognition using IBM Watson

Visual Recognition using IBM Watson

Artificial intelligence Feb 7, 2022

Hello People. This article gives you an idea about Visual Recognition using IBM Watson. The IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service is one of the many services available on the IBM Cloud platform. This service is designed to accelerate and automate the AI Lifecycle by simplifying the most complicated, time-consuming steps of a Visual Recognition project.

IBM Watson Visual Recognition service uses algorithms to leverage machine learning to examine images for scenes, objects, faces, colors and other content and quickly and accurately tag and classify the content within your own image collections.

Interestingly, IBM Watson visual recognition has some built-in models which help you to recognize people, food, animals, plants, and many more. If you want to use these built-in models, you need to gather the images that you want to analyze and test them against the built-in models to gain insights.

In addition, IBM Watson also provides an option to create a custom model to use your own images. For the custom model, you need to prepare the images as the training data and organize them into positive and negative images. After that, you need to upload the examples to create and train a custom model then analyze images using your own model.

Visual Recognition using IBM Watson

After creating an IBM Watson Studio project, you can add the Watson Visual Recognition Service by navigating to the IBM Cloud Dashboard and selecting Watson Services. Then click on Add service. There you can select the Visual Recognition service.

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In the Visual Recognition service page, you can choose a location and resource group for the service instance and then click Create. This way you can create the instance of the service that you can use in your project.

After the Visual Recognition service instance is created, it will be listed on your cloud dashboard and it is ready to use within your project. Please note that you are only allowed to associate the service with one Watson project at a time. However you can build multiple models within the same project, using the service.

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